This web page holds pointers to C, C++, and C# programs for DOS console and Windows applications.

Feel free to down load and inspect them for your private use.

Last Left Threaded Tree.   A Windows application that builds a last left threaded tree in memory and lets the user delete the tree nodes in ascending order of their data members.

When a node is deleted from the tree an other node is percolated through the tree to take the place of the node that was deleted.

When run through the Visual C Debugger one can watch the node pointers as they are reassigned during percolation.

Windows Last Left Threaded Tree  

You can now download an file that has all the current source code and an exe built from them. Just follow the tree links. Look for small improvements on WinTree every few weeks.

Morse Code:  A group of files that creates a Morse Code encoder/decoder.

Feuer Puzzles:  A bunch of individual program files.   Each a C puzzle from Alan R. Feuer's "The C Puzzle Book"