Project: WinTree -> Windows Last Left Threaded Data Tree.

Version values chart.


A = = The functionality/reliability of the tree it self.

That data nodes are; placed in the data tree in the correct order depending on their key value(s), maintained in the data tree without corruption, percolated correctly in accordance with new node implants, or existing node egresses from the data tree.

B = = Node sophistication.

The number and type of links each node possesses. The relationship a node has with itís ancestors, descendents, siblings, and cousins.

C = = The users interface with the application.

D = = The number and sophistication of mathematical tool available to search the data tree, or reorder the data treeís structural organization.

This includes but not limited to; changing the key value field to a different value field, selecting out and designating nodes as the average, mine, and median. The creation of a special pilgrim vine that will wind through the tree connecting to certain node according to their key and field values.

The Data Tree is made up of nodes. Each node is simply a member of a linked list in the form of a descending tree. In version each node has four navigation pointers.

  1. Pointer to Parent Node.
  2. Pointer to Last Left Turn made in Data Tree.
  3. Pointer to Left Child.
  4. Pointer to Right Child.